Hot, Salty and Sensuous

An ancient artifact resurrects to the peril of all that encounters it.  There are only two people that can contain its desire for domination.   These two, are far from perfect and so the adventure begins of finding out who they are as they fall deeply in love with each other.
The Queen, her Beast and the Creature... is fully illustrated and highly entertaining, don't miss out on this book. It will have you laughing and crying at the same time.  It's hot and sensual with an abundance of weirdness that will take your imagination to places it has never been.

Read it if You Dare!

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The Queen, her Beast and the Creature...
'The Queen her Beast and the Creature: An Unusual Love Affair

Its 30,000BC, the weather is hot and very sultry, a sign of approaching global change. There is a strong breeze in the air signifying an approaching storm, yet she doesn't care. She is running as fast as she can along the golden sands beside the edge of an ancient sea. She is scared, very scared; she had never seen its like before. It isn't animal and it isn't plant; all she is aware of, is the foul smell and the pus-like fluid oozing from its many pores. She screams for help, she is so close to her village, yet this thing is gaining on her. She knows her death is imminent and tears flow down her pink soft cheeks. She senses a sting on the back of her neck and feels an intense pain shooting down her spine through her hips down to her very toes. She convulses but still running she knows her end is nigh. She begins to vomit up all she has in her stomach and her lungs begin to sear with excruciating pain. She slows as paralysis sets in. Its slimy sucker-like tentacles grab at her back and slowly she feels herself being dragged backwards into its foul smelling embrace. Her screams are of a dying woman so desperate and with such fear she succumbs to its deathly foul smelling touch. She feels it enter her, a sharp and painful thrust up into her groin and she slowly feels her insides being sucked out through the gurgling, slurping tentacle-like tube that has penetrated her. As she fades, screaming her way to eternity, she senses this thing is pleasuring itself on her very life force and that was her last thought before oblivion. Its final blow smashed through her eye and drained her grey matter through its tentacle, sucking it into its very being. All that was left of her was a skin sack emptied of all content. Satisfied with the kill, it looked up and with a cry of conquest, it vibrated a melodious tune that attracted many of its kind to begin their savage consumption of the villagers just beyond the rise. The attack on the village was equally brutal. No one survived, no child, no dogs, not even plant life, all were ingested by these foul creatures of a bygone era. All that was left were empty husks of mammal and plant remains.
A Very Unusual Love Affair