McCleat's Adventures, McCleet's Romance, Mcleat the Author, Mcleet The Man

McCleat the Author, McCleet the Adventurer, Mcleat The Entrepreneur, Mcleet the Writer

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McCleat the Author, McCleet the Adventurer, Mcleat The Entrepreneur, Mcleet the Writer

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Will McCleat's an adventurer, entrepreneur and all round bon-viveur specializing in writing, authoring and publishing. McCleat has spent many years mastering the art of writing but also overcoming the burden of self-publishing. The challenge for McCleat was to overcome the burden of technology and the tools needed to become a successful publisher. McCleat taught himself how to create videos, use photoshop, powerpoint and word so that he could put together thought provoking books based on his life's experience to his own timing and not to some other publishers. Mcleat now has his own business in creating, publishing and marketing his own books to all the main 'online' retailers such as Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, LuLu and other such publishers. McCleet as an indie author has struggled with the complexities of mastering self-publishing, social media and good ole google marketing using adwords. Will McLeet has his following on both twitter and facebook and uses these media to inform interested parties of his new creations; audio, video and written books. He also works with small independent artists and businesses to help them create and publish their own work. Will McCleat will work with anyone that has a desire to become work schedule independent. McCleet understands the frustrations of working in large companies. His experience in the military and then for large American corporations made him decide to move into his own company. Though not easy McLeat made this transition to self-employment in his early fifties as he felt he could he could 'Make a dent in the Universe'. To date McCleat has numerous books to his name on many different subjects and has published his media across many publishing platforms. If you desire experienced help, McCleet will provide you with the guidance you need when you need it. In essence McLeet will guide you through the process of; writing, authoring and publishing your story on whatever medium you desire and show you how to market your story and get it in front of those ready-made buyers.
Author, Adventurer & Entrepreneur

It's not how long you live that defines who you are!
It's the journey you take
and the books you read
that tailors you to who you are!

Your journey beckons you!
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